ogre beserker model invisible and untargetable

  • Storyteller [DM]

    area: moonshae marsh

    there is a spawn that includes ogre war mage, and 2 ogre beserkers usually.

    one of the beserkers is untargetable and invisible, so likely a graphics issue

  • we seem to have 2 models of ogre berserker. One is working fine, but the one cadiz mentions is yeah, bugged. There is 1 spawn of it in the Alana's Ogres quest also.

  • That probably should be another topic, but we also have a problem with Troll Shamans on moonshae Marsh as well, they show up as unicorns.

  • The bioware default ones (I think) are broken right now. Soemthing got changed in the haks which overrode the default appearance. I havent had time to dig through the 2da files to find it. I will try this weekend (though it's eldest kid's bday and arts festival weekend, so it might be the weekend after).