Remove the haks.

  • Simple and straight forward suggestion the sever is dead change things to try and bring back some players, making it easier to access the server by removing the hak requirement could encourage others into giving it a try.

  • Admin [DM]

    I'd agree 100% except that would mean rebuilding every placeable and monster and area that uses anything that's in the haks . . . which is most of the server.

    However, if you all are willing to help do this - - -

  • Storyteller [DM]

    the haks are automatically installed if you are on steam arent they?

  • @cadiz_stoker if I understand it correctly, you have to subscribe to them first on Steam, and then download and update automatically from there.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    once you have subscribed they are automatically updated, yes.

  • I doubt this would bring people back.
    Haks are much easier to install now.

  • i have made this suggestion numerous times, more solo delivery travel quests, how about a small amount of xp for people in the game for every minute they are on..make it small, but a tiny amount might encourage people to idle in the game. numbers attract numbers, i will sit in the game idling hoping to attract others and now i try to send a tell when someone comes in. (it does not have to be a lot, make it 1xp per minute or something like that and as a person levels up, make it 1 xp per two minutes and so on as they get higher levels, make sure people get something for staying in)

    these little things may help, make sure the instructions and links are in the log in thing for the server in its description thing, subscribe to get the downloads here kind of thing

  • Admin [DM]

    @darlene-te-len said in Remove the haks.:

    how about a small amount of xp for people in the game for every minute they are on.. . . but a tiny amount might encourage people to idle in the game

    We had this in effect for people who were below Level 6. Now you're starting at Level 6, there's really no need to reimplement it. It also shut off it you idled for too long.

  • i seem to remember that, also when i say i am idling, sometimes i am wandering around aimlessly.

    these are only suggestions coming from someone who has no real idea how hard things are to make and drop into the game, but they are things that might if done right may extend the time people stay in the game, and that could attract more people to pop in for a look.

    as i said i did find one new player a short while ago, but i am not sure if they decided to stay. i did try my best to guide and aid them, there was not a lot i could really do though as i am a bit clueless now to what all can be done in game...i do miss the old deliveries that required some travel, they did take time and travel and it was a good way to guide and get to know new characters (that was the person who had the aspiring "black guard")