Moonshae Exploration

  • //// Canceled

    Gentlemen, I need volunteers to explore an underground passage in Moonshae Isles.

    Our main focus is finding more information about the curse as well and possible ore veins, so dwarves or miners are more than welcome to come.

    According to our expectations, the passage will be cleared in the upcoming days, let me know if you are interested in joining.

    // OOC: 9 Friday - DOWN THE HOLE! - 8pm UTC+1

    ~ Arthur

  • Arthur!

    How dare you go without me! I will not be available at that time. An expedition to the mountains will take me away all day. Well, I suppose I can join the follow up explorations if there are any.

    Scamp smile on your expedition,

    Oriana Highhill
    Adventurer Extraordinaire

    ((OOC: That is unfortunately 3 pm on Friday for me so I will still be at work.))

  • // We can always try to find the time people will most likely be present, so let me know what time suits best and we can try to shift or move the day if it comes to that.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    ///posted time is good for me i think

  • // Quick reminder to everyone about this event

  • // Is that this Friday? If so, afaik, I should be free all evening/ night.

  • // Event canceled until further notice!