Letter to the Dwarven Embassy [DMs]

  • My name is Arthur, we have not met before so I’ll be brief.

    There’s a refugee camp in the Moonshae Isles, accessible through the Inn’s door, that requires help. Aside from the natural dangers of that place they are surrounded by orcish tribes. We are helping them create their own settlement and protect it against the Orc threat.

    They are in desperate need of blacksmith equipment (hammers, nails and such) to repair their ships and properly build their defenses. But instead of just offering the initial equipment I wish to help create a blacksmith workshop, a forge, and people to help them, that would allow the refugees to craft their own tools, defenses, and possible weapons. That’s where I need your help.

    The Moonshae Isles has several unexplored caves and possibly many riches. What I propose to you is, help me provide them the tools for their survival, grant us your support, help me create a forge and shape their place and whenever we find any precious metal (or gems) in that place we’ll offer it to your people before anyone else. You will not only help us against the orcs but help us establish a possible trade operation beneficial to both sides.

    If the deal I’ve mentioned does not suit your needs, let me know if you are willing to sell just the equipment that I ask for, and I’ll gather the coins for it.

    You can leave your reply at the Inn and I’ll check.

    ~ Arthur

    • The letter is resent with some minor changes *