I'd rejoin...

  • Can someone sum up what I can expect when I load the game next time and what sort of PC/DM factions I can (try) to join atm?

  • Cormyr is peaceful, so is Arabel. The focus is now on the new door that opened in the World Serpent Inn that leads to an uncharted island of the Moonshaes Isles. The island is cursed, filled with orc tribes and wild life, mystery and a struggling refugee camp. Some are trying to end the curse, other help the refugee, and some just your good old fashion treasure hunting and adventuring.

    Factions, refer here: https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/category/107/factions-and-special-positions
    3 tops ones are current factions (leader, militia, HoD). Rest is all special positions with no guaranteed DM support.

    there are a few loose groups around and at leat one PC faction I think?