Oct 2018 - Raising Server Numbers

  • Hey, is it worth revisiting this topic?
    I thought I would try to summarize some of my previous suggestions a little bit better
    It's probably a bit early to start focusing on this again, but I feel like as the reboot of City of Arabel is ripening, this may become more relevant etc.

    If the comments here become too toxic, perhaps dm's and forum mods might create some polls, and invite input from players that way. (If anybody has links handy to the polls that were done by the players in reimagining COA for this new version (which version is it now?) maybe we can link this in the comments?)

    City of Arabel, Ways to Increase Player Numbers on the Server

    [https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/35655/raising-server-numbers/5](link url)

    -advertising and marketing the game certain places could help a lot, but first you need to have something that will keep them coming back, before you try to recruit a huge number of new people to come
    -maybe try to have some consistent event times, so people can coordinate their schedules, and try to boost server numbers at certain times, like events, so it is generally more fun for new players at those times
    -mentor new players
    -make the game inclusive, and make sure their are fair conflict resolution strategies in place, so new players feel they will be able to be treated fairly if they have a problem (this might involve a help page about what to do in these situations, and players or dms who are willing to commit time to regularly following any issues up, possibly outside the game if necessary. Maybe also find ways that players can contribute to the game in ways they like, whether it is a faction, mentoring other players, summarizing stories or helping with the discord or forum, or trying to bring more people to the server, etc.
    -make it possible to include people in the group fun very quickly when they log in, for instance being able to catch up and jump directly into events that are happening, with ways to get sort of summaries of what has happened so far, etc (maybe someone can have a way to put short updates of an event in progress on the forums, and maybe also have this available in game, like an npc people can talk to or like the history function of sendings and the like, or whatever so people can kind of get the basic background of what may be going on, and then just jump into playing)
    -ongoing chronicles of what is happening (possibly in real time so people can join within minutes) with different plots, either in game or in the forums, etc. (Maybe recruit players who are kind of leading the plots to take leadership, summarize things and post screenshots for posterity as well, etc?) Rumours posts and the like may be able to do this, an Arabel paper or chat happening in Inns or from other chatable npc's that players can find easily may help with this (maybe have people buy someone a drink, and then that npc will give them the goods on what is going on, or buying a paper or book with such chronicles in it, or it could be like in a cafe with papers on the table, and players can just pick one up, read it, and put it back down, or whatever... (you will probably need to actively archive or retire some stories from the forefront so that the most recent relevant things stay 'at the top' etc

  • @ma1keru333
    lots of good ideas, myself now, i am lost, helping new ones if i even find them is a bit of a issue aside from some in game enchantments.
    i did run into a new player about a month ago, tried to aid them, in game and out of character, they were making a blackguard (my thoughts were..not the easiest thing to start with, but i never let them know that) i hope they have returned, but i did impart as much as i could

    what do others servers do? perhaps someone who frequents those, or even having someone look at another server to see what might work for us. also making it easy to get into the server is always the first step. too many downloads on a server that has 0/96 is not going to attract anyone if they have to do downloads, or at least make it easy to find and institute

    i have said this before, and i will beat this dead horse yet again, having people in the server will attract others, and to achieve this having some time consuming solo quests..like the delivery kind for all levels, will keep numbers in the server, doing busy work, which if there are numbers, may attract people, and once learned it would give me a way of showing new players around, with these tasks. it is a win win as i see it, people doing solo stuff that they can show to new characters/players. make a few of these like they were in the past, no level restrictions, even it is gives 1 xp for higher levels, it gives them something to do, and if it only gives 10 gold, that is enough to rent a room, so that i do not have to count pennies in game to make sure i can continue to rest in the inn to heal and renew spells and abilities (counting coins is a limiting factor in me buffing people in game and it has been this way for some time, and please do not tell me i could make a fortune making and selling stuff, one i am lazy, two who do i sell the stuff to now when i am 1/96 at times)

    till numbers are at a more manageable level, it might be well for all players to consider making characters and factions that are not going to lead to PvP, maybe have people work together against a defeatable foe or some common goal. in the past PvP may bring fun for some, but i do remember in the 55/55 days there was a attitude, if they do not like losing leave or do not PvP,
    and i know after each event 1 or two players would leave, either sore losers, or people in the wrong place at the wrong time. and there were the grievers, and there will always be, but we are not going to attract those types, they like crowds, so we do not need to worry about them chasing people away