Letter to Angus

  • Angus (@DailyPWN ), I require your help and contacts in the Dwarven Embassy.

    The Moonshae Settlers are in dire need of nails and other blacksmith tools, I was wondering if we could come out with some sort of agreement between them and the dwarven embassy.

    Right now, they have urgent need of tools, but my plan in to provide them enough equipment to create a small forge/blacksmith so they could become self-sufficient in the future.

    I take you have contacts in the Dwarven Embassy, if you do, would you think they would be interested in helping them? We could come out with an agreement that, if they help create the forge, a blacksmith and provide the initial equipment, whenever we find any rare metal in that place the dwarves would have priority to acquire it.
    Could you please pass them this message?

    If the dwarven embassy does not wish to provide this assistant for a group of refugees surrounded by orcish tribes, would they be willing to sell the equipment and tools?

    ~ Arthur