Letter to Arthur

  • Dear Arthur

    Just thought I tell you about an orcish assault I single handedly dealt with. So here I was hunting down beasts for dinner and collecting a bit of apple wood for the settlement, when the scouts raised the alarm. So, you see I then jumped into the air and shouted "By the power of the Great and Cunning Fox, go Super Scarlet Mega Fox Aspect, RARWL!!!!" and transformed into said Super Scarlet Mega Fox Aspect, tearing apart the orcs by the dozens, while Lilly and Ken stood on the cliff shouting "Go Super Scarlet Mega Fox Aspect, go!"

    Now all these rumours that somehow it was mostly Ken's sword hacking them down, with Lilly backing him up and I was merely throwing sling bullets and using a healing wand are totally false! Those 50 odd orc corpses looking like they were mostly hacked down with a single sword strike from some kind of master swordsman of death is totally incidental, as everyone knows such strikes look really similar to the mighty claws strikes of the Super Scarlet Mega Fox Aspect!

    Scarlett Fox


    I think they still need nails, bit of metal aren’t my strong suit


    By the way if you can figure out the Cursed Isles exact location, it will help my plans a lot!

  • Thank you for the information and supplies, I'll work on the nails as you mentioned.