Letter to Pathfinder Daxx

  • Dear Daxx

    I have need of your skills, specifically I need to figure out the Cursed Isles exact location, so we can figure how far away it's from human settlements. We also going to need to figure out how to get a boat on the other side of the magic portal... but if you can just figure out our location, I'll be a super happy Fox Shaman!

    My plan is to reach out to other powers in the region for aid in strengthening the settlement, as I'm sure as a solider you can tell its current position is rather fragile. If we can merely bring a few dozen more real warriors to its aid, it could make a real difference it's chance of survival.

    Scarlet Fox

  • Miss Fox,

    Should my duties allow, I will see to exploring the waters. Though I wonder if they will let anyone leave the island so easily. It remains to be seen.

    -- Daxx