Lag Issues

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    Time (give timezone!):
    Name of Area:
    What you were fighting/doing:
    Please describe in detail:

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    Post your lag report issues here.

  • 08:55 icelandic time

    Entered hanse island, were about to engage enemy, it started to rain and all of a sudden we started lagging. Not sure if it was the weather script or hanse script

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    I bet it was the weather.

  • Time: 24/7
    Date: 24/7
    Location: All maps
    What was it that made you think it was lag? Please describe it as well as you can: Constant 2-4 second delay on all actions/talking. Latency becomes longer during combat. More characters, more lag. This only affects CoA. All other servers I have used since EE's release have had no lag issues.

    I know it's not the most helpful report, but it's all I've got.

  • I find a daily reset is needed, and if you don't have a daily reset, lag is an issue.

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    In order to pinpoint the lag Hubby kinda needs to be able to watch the server processes running WHILE THE LAG IS HAPPENING. Posts like this arent really helpful. Sorry.

  • @Echo
    Could you have a screen watching the server processes constantly recording the processes and putting timestamp bookmarks or something in it to jump to things, and have these auto-archive with every reset )set automatic daily resets?). Then maybe you would only need an accurate time stamp to jump to the relevant processes video...

    maybe you could back them up or delete them once a month, or only do it for a a few says or a week on an as needed basis or something...?

  • @ma1keru333
    maybe a better way would be a database that can generate a graph of the values that you can replay as needed... instead of a video screen recording or something...

  • sorry if these are dumb ideas I'm not super computer-ie.

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    Updated OP. Need more data.

  • @Puffy said in Lag Issues:

    Time (give timezone!): gmt (Reykjavik)
    Date: 25/11
    Name of Area: Crypts of ashby (gypsy healer)
    What you were fighting/doing: We were starting the first room where the mobs spawn on a timer and it got VERY laggy very quick.
    Please describe in detail:
    We were starting the first room where the mobs spawn on a timer and it got VERY laggy very quick.

  • Pretty bad lag at around 2000 gmt.

  • @Puffy said in Lag Issues:

    Time (12-1250EST):
    Name of Area:Elk Tribe ZQA
    What you were fighting/doing: Stag beetles, spiders, and SAVAGES
    Please describe in detail: basically as we would roll up on a set of monsters there would be a nasty spike, which would go away after a few rounds of combat. this happened pretty much every encounter.

  • Is there any way to have a helper program running on the server, maybe a 'debug' type one, that kind of measures the latency of every computation/ script/ process etc, and maybe once it knows a certain norm of how long these should take, maybe, maybe this helper program could flag any processes that suddenly jump in the amount of latency they normally give?

    Maybe you could have the helper program dump the name of the script, the time index, etc?

    so hypothetically this could create a summary log of scripts/etc that are having latency etc so this might give people an idea of what variables and other things are going on amongst the pile of them, as well as if certain latency keeps going up over certain times, and maybe even if there are certain buffers that are getting over-run or computations that are becoming too large to do efficiently that may need to be streamlined, etc...

    it might also be able to point to issues in the server, hardware, or other issues with particular clients/server interactions etc?

    Or is this how you do it already, or?

  • for instance, it might point to old programming 'solutions' from before enhances edition that might need to be cleaned up/ removed if they are no longer needed, etc.