Book a Skulduggery

  • Admin [DM]

    Alright, because I am unoriginal and lazy I am wholesale stealing this from Puffy.

    Gonna post my rough availability availability each week so that people know when I can run stuff etc for them.

    I might occasionally be around outside these times, but this is when you're most likely to catch me able to run things.
    Please talk to me in advance for big events that I'd need to do a lot of planning for 🙂 .
    These are subject to change but if something would cause me to be unavailable for your booking you get priority choice for the next convenient slot.

    Week Beginning: 8/10/18
    Times are GMT+1

    Monday: N/A
    Times Booked: N/A

    Tuesday: 12pm-12am
    Times Booked:

    Wednesday: 12AM-4AM 12pm-11pm
    Times booked:

    Thursday: 7PM-11PM
    Times Booked:

    Friday: 7PM-12AM
    Times Booked: 7PM-8PM

    Saturday: 12AM-4AM 12PM-11AM
    Times Booked:

    Sunday 6PM-11PM
    Times Booked: