Scummy Boxing

  • Looking for a concept, and would join but only in a group concept. Looking for something PvP heavy.

    The idea I have is basically a boxing/fight club. Might be good to all go monks following different gods and fight unarmed, but otherwise the main point of it will be to constantly PvP each other, and perhaps even find stuff to kill with our bare hands.

    Gods: Any that allow for street fighting (no alignment restrictions, a Tormite could work but your duty will be primarily to fighting or whatevs).

    With low pop, we can quest together, but once we hit 11 or so, we can just arrange times to meet for tournaments. Could maybe get involved in Moonshaes, perhaps making the fighters from the Moonshae Isles.

    If we can get 3-4 players, I'd be up for doing it. If we get that number, we could maybe use someone being intelligent enough to get us involved in the meta plot in discord isles.