Open letter to Kenpachi, Fox, Daxx, Iruna, Olman, Thokk and Lily

  • First, you all have my gratitude for helping yet another refugee group, in this forsaken and cursed place hope holds more power than fear.

    But I fear I must request not only yet another favor but your dedication for tasks not easily accomplished.

    The orc tribes won’t tolerate human presence on the island for very long, and we still lack direction to find out more about the curse.

    Therefore, I suggest we create an alliance, the Moonshae council. The Moonshae council should be focused on two objectives: The region, therefore the curse - Earthmother and its population.

    It should be up to the Moonshae council decide next exploration paths, studying the lore of that place, especially regarding the curse and decide next steps establish a refugee settlement and its possible allies and trade routes. And, if it comes to that, decide the fate of criminals.

    I’m confident that if we decide to work together not only we might be able to find out the truth behind this curse but also create an independent self-protected settlement.

    Let me know if I can have your support.

    ~ Arthur

  • //Arthur likely forgot to write Thokk a letter, so probably Iruna reads him his copy...//

    Thokk help.

  • // Yep i forgot thokk! Now its better


    Thank you for giving me my first letter yay and You are very welcome. I will aid you in the task though my skill set is mostly just hitting things and a bit of knowledge on magical items. So if you need it you got my mace on your side.

    The fantabulous Lily

  • I'm in.

    Scarlet Fox


    Through I'm also of the mind we will need to charge the board to win.. oh and help Ken hack orcs apart.


    Always wanted to write one of these!

  • Dear Arthur,

    I've already expressed how I wished to grant aid to the settlement. And, of course, I seek my own knowledge within the ruins, as well as a clarification of the local lore. It's a story to be told, and wondrous places to be seen.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    I’m in, let’s bring the pall of death to the orc tribes. I have a suspicion one of the shamen may be animating the dead, but I am not sure yet. Regardless, it’s not a battle I wish to miss.


  • Arthur,

    I will assist as I can.

    -- Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The orcs do not fear death, but they do seem to loath dishonor and defeat. I will leave as many alive and marked as I can during my hunts, perhaps this will send a new message and drive infighting amongst the different tribes.


  • // OOC: DMs could you please create a PC faction forum called "Moonshae Council" so we can keep all the communication in the same place. Please invite @Haquinator, @TheMinionOfArabel @latoksinned @CrystalRL @DracoS @Cpt-Elrad and @Khamal

  • [Arthur is informed the Pathfinder is no longer available]

  • Arthur,

    I'll pitch in where I can. Let me know if you need anything extra. Temere is working on a plan to divert the Orcs attention.