Leather hides around the cursed isle (and posters in the World Serpent)

  • written in common

    It has come to this Scarlet Fox's attention that the late Alkrug used powers that stunk of the unholy and abomination, and her nose knows such things rarely come alone. It also known he held favour with a chief of the Five Tribes, this Scarlet Fox wonders if the stink flows from such favour.

    Those of the Five Tribes would be wise to double their efforts to show the Earth Mother respect, for the Great and Cunning Fox noses is far sharper than his shaman, and he will come sniffing each and every family. So hunt the beasts of the Mothers land and share the meat with kin young and old in the deep places, so the Great and Cunning Fox's nose smells a pleasant and familiar smell.

    And if you find those in your tribe with unholy magics like using fire and ice as one or making the dead walk again in mockery of life, then throw them from the tallest cliffs in honour of the Great Whale, so no nose follows their stink to your clan’s door....

  • Admin [DM]

    [One hide is removed from the island, replaced by a vine of freshly grown ivy]