Moonshae Camp

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Joshua Paisley,

    Once you prayed for someone to bring death to the raiders that plagued your people. Death answered through my sword. Now the creatures and monsters of this isle wish to bring death to you. Tell your people to whisper their prayers to the void once more. Ask death to come for those who would harm them and spare them the cold end, and it will be so. Death comes for all things, but your names are not yet written in the book of fate. Your enemies names could be, however, if the proper respects where paid. Death comes to this isle, but I can ensure it is their death, and not yours. I ask not for reward, for thanks or for any position, only that your people honor the cycle of life and death and serve the balance and the flow of souls to the fugue.

    御剣 剣八
    (Kenpachi Mitsarugi)