Castle Assault Quest: No XP at level 11

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Area name: ZQA Crumbling Fort
    Issue Location: Same as above
    Quest Name: Castle Assault
    Store Name:
    NPC Name:
    NPC Location: Hullack Caves
    Server Version:
    Screen Shot:
    Issue Description: None of the spawns in the quest give XP to anyone level 11. Level 10 PC's received quite a bit of XP, about 45 per kill on some spawns, however, leveling past 10 grants you nothing. The end XP is only 50 XP as well. The reward is pretty damn good but it just sucks with how hard some of those orcs are (A spawn of 5 battle scarred orcs at one point) and with how well equipped the spawns are (Boss had 2 HEAL potions and one of the Elite Orc Champion's had a heal potion and a crap ton of cure crit). that the risk grants zero XP.

  • Admin [DM]

    The CR on the mobs is probably to low to grant xp after level 10.