Blade of Ilneval, War Diary

  • A tattered book, writing is crude and in orcan.


    Strength: Unclear, but resourceful
    God: Shargaas, Yurtrus, Bahgtru, One-Eye, Wild

    Notes: One primary tribe, few rivals. Insular. Likely Gruumsh. What have they been doing before the portal? Other Tribes?


    Strength: Pathetic
    God: Weak Wild

    Notes: Crafting capability? Do not understand tribal customs. Do not understand orcan. Only understand tyranny?


    Strength: Unclear
    God: Malar, Wild Fey, Elf

    Notes: Does not hate orcs. Allied to Moonshae Tribe? Need wood from forest. Curse, more than one?

  • The humans are cowardly. Fear the unknown. Even the witch surprises me with her fear of destruction. I have what was requested. It is clear I will be welcome.

    I will inspect their tribal ground. They have potential to strike far and wide, and grow ever bigger. Ilneval himself must see the prize.

    Only the shaman will have answers. He is clever, but One-Eye sees all and he must know that.