Becuille - The Grimoires of the Witch of Moray

  • [Kept tucked away in Becuille's bags, this heavy black leatherbound tome appears to contain every noteworthy detail of her life from past experiments and documentation of spells to travel logs and daydreams.]

    [The outside edge of a large block of pages appears to be missing any writing, yet carries on further towards the spine. Anyone with magical knowledge would notice this as the effect of a Prestidigitation spell used to dry water-damaged literature.]

  • [A section of more recently added notes appears to briefly detail the beginnings of an experiment.]


    • Located peddler of "squiggles."
    • Acquired coin to purchase samples - 700, 1000 (with 1500 provided by third party) lyons.
    • Purchased stomach worm "Loa Loa" - 700 lyons.
    • Purchased brain worm "Aurum Worm" - 1000 + 1500 lyons.
    • Acquired Test Subject 1
    • Acquired Test Subject 2

    Inserted parasites gorge on life energy of host - body, mind or soul.
    Consumed energy can be extracted and transferred.

    Determine whether parasites consume energy from body, mind or soul.
    Learn method to remove parasite with minimal risk to the life of the parasite.
    Determine if consumed energy can be harvested from retrieved parasite.

  • Subject One:

    Race: Half Orc
    Parasite Species: Aurum Worm
    Age: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Build: Muscular/Brawny
    Personality: Civilised, rational, tactical, able to compromise and/or use diplomacy
    Affiliation: (Previously) Black Talon Orcs, (Previously) Zhentil Keep
    Relationship: Positive, Allied
    Existing Health Conditions: -

    29th of Eleint 1397DR - Aurum Worm inserted via ear. Use of worm's host strengthening immediately available. Drawbacks not visible (physical or behavioural). No complains of discomfort from host.

  • Subject Two:

    Race: Human
    Parasite Species: Loa Loa
    Age: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Build: Muscular/Athletic
    Personality: Defiant
    Affiliation: -
    Relationship: Uncooperative, non-compliant, enemy
    Existing Health Conditions: -

    29th of Eleint 1397DR - Subject subdued. Parasite inserted through skin. Burrowed from back into stomach. No outward display of pain, beside struggling from weight of armoured half-orc. Refusal to comply with experiment even at the offer of eventual removal of parasite. Will await changes in host's body - Digestive system, metabolism likely to decline as parasite steals nutrients from stomach. Uncertain of capabilities of parasite beyond ability to spit acid.

  • Subject Three:

    Race: Half-Orc
    Parasite Species: Unconfirmed Occulus
    Age: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Build: Athletic. Often takes on the forms of animals.
    Personality: Simplistic, gentle
    Affiliation: Friend of Iruna the Minstrel, no official affiliations.
    Relationship: Partially cooperative.
    Existing Health Conditions: -

    1st of Marpenoth 1397DR - Discovered that the subject's eye has been filled or replaced with a parasite similar to Occulus parasite available to me. Spits ooze, although uncertain of results. Potentially causes disease as necklace reacted in defence. Parasite causes pain in subject's head and subject feels squirming inside skull. Subject has described the parasite being implanted after being defeated by a mindflayer.