Zahara's Journey

  • I wander to a place unknown, and cursed.

    To this inn, that holds many doors, to places far from home. Far from my jungles of Chult. Away from the maze of the Dinosaur King. To this door I see in my dreams. To this cursed place, where the spirits guide me. To where the Great Mother calls to me. I serve her and her spirits, so I go. I am the only one to answer her call from the depth of my jungle. My people think me mad to leave behind the Mazemaster and his path. But the goddess has shown me she is the mother of the land a long time ago. They do not see it, but I do.

    Her lands are not just our beautiful jungles. It is all of this world. Her gift to us mortals. And her spirits guide me to this place. This Island. Something is wrong here and I must heal the land. And perhaps its people. I know know why the spirits guided me to learn this guttural tongue of the orcs. They are numerous in this land.

    My trip has been long, and costly on my resources. One of the many doors of this strange Serpent of the World brings me to a northern city in the country of Cormyr. Arabel it is called. There is peace here, but yet much to do, if you need some coins. Like any large city. There is adventure to be had for travelers like me. I suppose this now makes me and adventuring priestess.

    It is all new to me.

    But the Earthmother guides me.

    I am Zahara
    Daughter of the Jungles.
    Priestess of Chauntea