Note: Vale Bennen

  • [As Vale returns to the World Serpent Inn, Mitchifer offers him a note scrawled on torn parchment. The missive is signed off with a sketched image of a bird's skull facing the reader.]


    I can remove your guest at a cost. I seek not your misery and suffering, but the knowledge gained from what has been made so.
    The door to this offer remains open while you remain silent on the matter. I do not ask for your friendship. Only your compliance for both your well being and my own.

    If after a day's time I have heard no foul rumours I will send you your first task of three to gain my help.



  • Before the note is ever collected a sending is made loud across the lands, shortly after a note is left at the serpent

    Becuille or Alkug,

    Did you not realise from our encounter? You will receive no compliance from me.