Letter to the priestess of Talona in the sewers

  • Dear honoured servant of the Mother of all Plagues

    This servant of the Oath requires some assistance in putting the fear of nature into fools. Since the region the fools reside is a small island with plenty of marshlands, it seems fitting that natures wraith takes a form that Lady Talona finds pleasing.

    Would you be willing in aiding the Oath craft a curse, that would be triggered by a fool defiling something that not be touched, that leave the fool alive, but keen to make amends by showing respects to the sphere of nature that Talona covers and learn the wisdom to never disrespect nature ever again?

    Scarlet Fox (World Serpent)

  • Take this spider egg as a gift. A warrior mage known as Brionnac, a halfling warrior know as Lilly and myself took it from a nest of dire spiders. Of course we were tested greatly by there venom, but to better honor Lady Talona, we did not cure ourselfs, but pushed through what must have been close to a 100 dire spiders to show our strength and repects to your Lady.

    Do I have your assistence in tracking down the fool who spits at the Balance and ensuring he shows it proper respect?

    Scarlet Fox (World Serpent)