in the moonshae...


    *Yseult, Alkrug, Becuille and Benmen vist the the druid circle of greeness after finding a white stag. A bit of deep thought latter and Yseult decides the stag must be a sign from the Oak Father that she will need strength in the trials ahead. So within the circle, she transforms into a wolf and kills the stag, consuming most of it's meat, before give some chunks to her packmates, through only Alkrug eats it, Benmen push it to the side and Becuille discreatly destroys it with negtive energy.

    She then howls in wolfy styled respect to the stag.*

  • Admin [DM]

    [The blood of the stag flows over the the glade, the entire glade covered in a lush green layer of grass and moss the next morning. With many eager animals gazing upon it from the cliff edges. On the spot which Becuille stood however, there is only black lifeless soil.]