Moonshae Camp ((DM))

  • Settlers,

    You trespass on orcan territory. Orc rulers want sample of blood or hair from each of you to monitor movement on lands.

    If you wish peace with king of Moonshaes you will do so. You give to me.


  • Admin [DM]

    [Settlers and Refugees mutter about the ultimatum. Some with fear, others with mockery. Word is quickly passed to the the camp's self styled protector, Arthur.]

    // @Haquinator

  • Orc,

    These people are no threat to your king and wish to be left alone.

    If your king wishes only to know their location why would he rely on blood magic for that? Does he not trust his own trackers?

    But if this is the only way to please your king's lack of confidence on his own trackers, seek me out and we'll find a peaceful solution.

    ~ Arthur.

    [ Arthur tries to calm people down saying no blood sample will be required from them ]

  • alt text

  • Admin [DM]

    [The people are nervous and some are in panic, many fearing what the orcs may have in store. In their desperate time, they look to Arthur for guidance // @Haquinator ]

  • Note left on a spike right across the settlement bridge

    Orc Errand Boy,

    Seems like you forgot your own word since we already fulfilled the agreement.

    These people owe you nothing.

    Threat them one more time and shall be your last.

    ~ Arthur.

  • You say human pay tribute to orc tribe. They want hair. You give now to me.