Leaders of the Isle

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    Leaders of the Isle

    This position can only be earned in game

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    The cursed island has become the center of attention among many adventurers wandering through the doors of the World Serpent Inn. For some it is simply yet another wilderness to explore, whilst others see a more permanent future upon the lush fertile land. Luckily for those whom wish to settle upon the Island, a small band of refugees are in desperate need of guidance and leadership. Despite the curse upon the land and strong objection by the local orc tribes, many adventurers are now competing for the opportunity to make new settlements based of their own ideology and ideals. But first, they must convince the settlers to follow their lead.


    1. Lead one of the settlements on the Island in the Moonshae
      • Perks and benefits are tailored after the groups leadership and growth of the settlement, based of the version of the groups vision.
      • The groups leadership is decided by the group itself, it can be a single leader or a council for example.


    1. Visible presence in the settlement

      • DMs will work out times with the leader(s)
        • Lack of activity or lack of presence in game will result in dismissal
    2. Chosen leader(s) gone for extended periods RL must appoint a replacement

      • Replacements might usurp the position since the leader(s) will be treated as "gone on business IG"
    3. The most essential role of any leader, is keeping their settlers alive

      • Every death is a draw back, which will result in negative chain reactions within the settlement
      • Too many deaths will lead to the settlement failing

    The Challenges of a Leader

    The Island Settlers

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    Any leader of the Island must have a good relationship with their settlers, relations can be improved or worsen by actions taken in game. Lack of presence or action visible to the settlers will result in loss of a morale, which may lead to a leader being dismissed. Settlers can be ruled by various means, such as intimidation, inspiration, compassion, etc. Depending on the location of the settlement, the settlers can have different requirements and demands. Their views will be based of their origin and previous experiences, but may be altered over time by actions of the leaders. So far the main concern of the settlers is their dwindling resources and lack of proper shelter, as well as the numerous hostile threats upon the island.

    The Orcan Tribes

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    Before any of the settlers set foot upon the island, the Orcan Tribes have called it home for what must be centuries. Thus, they are the main threat to any settlement, due to the orcs shared desire to slaughter every single civilized humanoid daring to set foot upon the island. It is now up to the leaders to find a way to deal with this hostile threat. So far, however, the orcs settlements have remained a mystery as they appear to be settled within some parts of the island which remain inaccessible.


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    Upon the island is a vast array of resources, yet not all may be of use or suitable for an early settlement. The island is covered in a lush forest with plenty of areas to gather wood, still with all the ancient druidic sites it some feel it may not be such a wise idea. The main cavern system could hold potential sources of minerals, however the tunnels are currently occupied by especially stubborn and slippery orcs. Not to mention the hermit on the island, whom is rather pissed off by all the recent activity.


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    Surrounding the island is a stormy sea, known to sink most ships daring to near the island shores. It is known that a strange group of people called Northlanders have mastered the art of sailing the unforgiving waves, however with some Northlanders practicing slavery as well as piracy, it is uncertain whether they would be friends or foes. Due to the refugees history as slaves it is highly unlikely they Hold the Northlanders in high regard, Making the possibility of trade and seafaring with Northlanders a highly unlikely venture. Still, with the Northlanders own superstition towards the island curse, any chance of them invading or coming near the island peacefully remain small. Leaving the settlers so far completely isolated from the rest of the Moonshae Isles.

    The Curse

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    The orcs, the Northlanders, the hermit and even the settlers all agree, the island is cursed. Each have a theory of their own, but none have any evidence or proof of their ideas. The ruins of previous settlement, long forgotten druidic runes and numerous shipwrecks does however support their claims. What could it be that has brought such misfortune upon this land? Why has no one else from the Moonshae been sighted since it's discovery? What makes even the notorious Northlanders fear the island? What happened to those whom tried to settle here previously? What lies beyond the South Eastern part of the island? Many more questions remain, and no one has any answers.