XP nerf @ Level 11

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I know we weren't calling it a "nerf" but I think the server could benefit from a look at trying to keep the server level around 11 for a bit. It's really easy to level to 12 and once you get to 12 you kick yourself out of the ability to quest with most people. Most of the max 12 and up quests require at least an off tank to keep the party alive and we frequently only have one tank online at any given time, rarely have a trapspringer/locksmith and SOMETIMES have a buffbot. Maybe once we get more quests rebalanced for higher levels it wouldn't be so bad, but at the moment I actually kinda sigh with relief when I die and have to replay level 11 because boredom starts to set in at the higher levels without the numbers to support it.

  • The penalty atm should be something like the following iirc
    100% 10
    80% 11
    60% 12
    40% 13
    20% 14
    0% 15

  • Admin [DM]

    The % has been changed, not sure if there is a public post that needs to be updated with the latest info?