Letter sent to Kanathea

  • Archmage,

    My associate Temere and I have been investigating a mask of Netherese origin on behalf of the Crown forces. We've had some progress, however the findings border on the terrifying.

    Thus far it has cost Temere an arm and may well cost us both our sanity before it's done. In short, we need advice from someone who has experience dealing with things tainted by the Abyssal powers. Tssugtmoy Demon Lady of Fungus to be exact.

    An audience would be appreciated if you can spare the time from you work to protect Cormyr from the Infernal conflux point.

    Olman Jennson
    World Serpent Inn

  • Admin [DM]

    I have no patience for Trivialities, do not waste my time.

    Archmage Kanthea

    P.S. Your original letter has been burned. If you attempt to bring the Name of a Demon Prince in Spoken or Written word into my tower again, whether it be in Malice or Foolishness, you shall find yourself a victim of my displeasure.