Moonshae Encampment [DM]

  • To those that dwell in the accursed Dark Forest of the Moonshaes,

    I am Beilla Cifewy, Voice of Winter. The lands you live in are dangerous, owned by the chaotic huntsman that are the Wyldfae. Soon, Winter will be coming to the Moonshaes, and we will carve a place of calm and safety within the Moonshae Isles. I can offer you guidance and my own protection, as I have been doing so for the past number of days, thinning the orcs, ogres, and other beasts of the Forest. I can offer a Great Bullette Carapace as proof, one I defeated there. All I ask is a foothold, so that Winter may spread its snow and make the Moonshaes a place of calm and serenity. And to those that would follow Winter, her embrace is always welcoming to envelop those in her caring blanket.

    Beilla Cifewy
    Voice of Winter

  • Admin [DM]

    A slow, carefully written reply...

    We're not so foolish as to dwell upon an accursed isle without a benefactor to protect us. However, you will need to explain why your winterfae are any better than what you call 'wyldfae,' and even then, trust is a brittle thing, hard to sharpen and quick to break.

    Those who traffic with fae often forget mortal interests as well, in my experience. If circumstances weren't what they were...

    Well, I wouldn't bother penning a reply.

    We need some iron tools and axes, namely to begin clearing forestland around our cave. Provide these and we can talk.

    Joshua Paisley

  • [Beilla arrives at the encampent with tools and axes for the Refugees to use]

    Moonshae Tools

    Handaxe x 10
    Rope for tying wood x 5
    Cloth strips for wrapping grips
    Cartographer's Tools for mapping the Dark Forest and other surrounding areas x 2

    [A small note is left]
    Whatever else is needed, merely ask.

    -Beilla Cifewy, Voice of Winter

  • Admin [DM]

    I meant cold iron, but this'll be useful regardless. Get us some of the former though.

    Joshua Paisley