Moonshae Caves [DM]

  • At the Moonshae Caves Arthur's leaves a box of food supplies for the refugees and leaves without much of a word

  • Admin [DM]

    Arthur is thanked.

  • More meat and hides are left in the cavern, both seem fresh, hunted from animals or beasts closer to the orc cave.

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  • Admin [DM]

    A refugee comments, "Oh, what a nice man."

  • *This time Arthur spends a few days in the refugee camp.

    Aside from the meat and hide some heal kits and hunting gear is offered* :

    • "I still cannot find a safe way for you all to leave this place, but what I can offer is to teach you all how to survive in this lands, as long as you take only what's needed from it."

    points to the bows and spear

    • "Find within your camp three strong adults and lead them to me, I'll teach how, when where and what to hunt in this lands. Also, gather anyone who suffers from a disease or any other affliction and I shall tend to it."

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  • *Aside from the regular supplies of pelts, fishing rod, and raw meat this time Arthur also leaves a few dolls/toys. He also spends some time calming any possible fears about the orc ultimatum and saying he's working on it and they should not worry.

    He also reminds the refugees about their deal:

    • Only hunt adult animals.
    • Only take from nature what is necessary for survival.
    • Only kill animals for food or self-defense.
    • Cause no harm to trees, especially Father Willow and Mother Oak, if timber is needed focus on dead trees.

    Last but not least, he sits down for the refugees responsible for hunting and explains the safest animals to catch.*

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  • Admin [DM]

    [True to his word, Joshua Paisley reinforces Arthur's decrees. Reminding the refugees how much Arthur has done for them and how he protects them.

    Now that people acctually know his Name, his popularity begins to grow among them significantly]

  • *Letter to Joshua:

    Joshua, I just gave the Orc Alkrug a box with 14 blood vials that will put the orcs after the bandit tracks and leave you all alone.

    Nonetheless, I'm seeking ways to better guard the cave, either by traps or magic.*

    // The blood samples were taken from Bandit Captains from either Dark Forest or Marsh, I've left 5 captains alive (near death) so he could be tracked back.

  • Arthur comes back to the cave introducing @listen4silence and showing all the traps they should set it up around the camp

    0_1538730153452_Dark Forest - Supplies - 4.jpg

    After that, Arthur spend a few hours with the refugee addressing the new orc threat and assuring he'll personally take care of the issue, that they should not give into despair. Orc only respects strength and prey on fear, he'll de-escalate the new threat as soon as possible.

    // Guys I'll be out from 10/06 to 10/12, I can access the forum and even discord, but I won't be able to play.

  • Admin [DM]

    [The refugees struggles with the trappings, but slowly manages to build up their defense. An eager huntress catches a wounded bear the very same day, which is consumed by the refugees in a celebration feast beneath the crowns of Father Willow and Mother Oak.]