Group Concept: The Return of House Amaratharr

  • House Amaratharr, once the Rulers of Elfhold and the kin of the fabled Iliphar Nelnueve, have retreated from their ancestral home within the Hullack during the great Elven retreat. Emboldened by others of the elven-folk, who voyaged back into the east and the Realms, they too made their way back towards Cormyr.

    Their goal, to reclaim what was once lost to them. Home.

    alt text

    The heiress of the House is traveling back to accomplish such a lofty goal, with a small retinue of her followers.

    Races: Moon Elves, Sun Elves. Wood Elves, Wild Elves and Half Elves are unlikely on creation.
    Join Method: On-creation (PM for more Details)
    Available Slots: 3-4
    Pantheon/Alignment: Seldarine / Non-Evil

  • Oooohh... this will be fun and funny. Look forward to butting heads ig!