Orcs, Orcs, Orcs

  • Escaped slaves

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    Long-term mercenaries in various conflicts in the underdark, the members of this group will have been imprisoned and/or enslaved by drow elves (and will know each other as a result). You will have been been part of the hard labour crew with around fifty other orcs and half-orcs, and have been used by the drow to do their dirty work.

    A few weeks ago, after an unknown group of orcs attacked a drow caravan under the city of Arabel, complete carnage erupted. You will have used the opportunity to settle some grudges with other prisoners, or will have firmly planted your pickaxe in a drow's head. Either way, the newly freed slaves scattered across the underdark, with many finding their way to the World Serpent Inn, but many former comrades remain missing.

    Races Half-Orc
    Classes Any
    Pantheon / Alignment Orc Pantheon (or other likeminded Bane, Cyric, Tempus, Talos, etc) / Non-Good

  • Admin [DM]

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