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    Area name:
    Issue Location:ZQA steonlands
    Quest Name:n/a
    Store Name:n/a
    NPC Name:n/a
    NPC Location:n/a
    Server Version:spiffy 4193
    Screen Shot:n/a

    Issue Description: as i arrived via teleport from wsi i moved slightly and triggered a trap apparently, similar to cactus trap. poison and magic damage, a bit shitty to get hit with that inside the camp as you arrive...

  • Ok I'm banging my head on the table over this one.

    There are no trap triggers anywhere close to where you arrive. So how you were killed by a trap confuses me.

    Lag result?

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    It's an old NwN bug that occurs when you load into an area, or if an area is laggy and filled with triggers (say, traps, CARES, descriptions) the system thinks your model triggered one and you get smacked with it on enter, or even randomly no where near said trap.

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