Shadovar who could survive a city falling from the sky

  • Transmutor Sunnysert spends some of her free time looking into the Shadovar. Specificaly she looking for Shadovar who could realisticaly surive there city falling from the sky, like liches, vampires or such.

    As well as reading books, she also talks to Purple Dragons who served on the front lines for any stories of hard to kill Shadovar.

  • Admin [DM]

    The Transmutor finds few records of the Shadovar, their chance of survival or even any records of any undead Shadovar. Soldiers scoff at the very idea, proclaiming non could had survived the fall and those whom were on the ground were defeated by the Cormyrian forces.

    All in all, it appears Cormyr lacks true research material into the Shadovar and what is know by the Crown Forces is well guarded.