Letter Sent to the Militia and the Purple Dragon Castle

  • Storyteller [DM]

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    Protectors of City and Realm,

    I write to request a meeting and information regarding the legalities and standards when as it comes to oaths and wills of the gods vs. the law of the land. I am a man who respects law and order, but also one who is driven by oaths, vows, and the will of the gods. With the end of the Silence here in the West, the gods once again speak to their followers. The House of the Dead is charged with seeking out necromancers and undeath, and I am personally charged with seeking out those who disrupt the flow of souls between life and death. Of course most things we hunt are illegal already but I need to know the limits of our authority to execute the will of the Judges of Death. If a scroll of judgement comes down from the gods, will it be honored as a writ of execution? Will the Scrivener of Jergal, Paladin of Kelemvor or Shroud of Myrkul who execute the will of the gods of death be charged with murder or can a method be found to make it legal? There are more things I wish to discuss if possible.

    My Thanks,
    御剣 剣八
    (Kenpachi Mitsarugi)

  • Admin [DM]

    Yes and No,

    There are many gods, and Cormyr honors all gods. No one god can move our nation to action, at the risk of offending other powers. We are a pious, faithful nation- however, the secular power of monarchy is what commands mortal men, not the theocratic wills of Churches and Gods.

    Of course, we will be understanding that in the course of investigations and documented evidence, that the Church of the Dead Three finds sufficient cause to put down a Necromancer, the nation of Cormyr will treat the matter in the same way it does its own forces finding threats to the nation, and no peaceful outcome was possible. It is an implicit trust we grant the Church to operate in our nation of laws to not act as if they are above the law. If the Avatars of the Dead Three descend- that is divine providence. If the High Priest strikes down a man with no evidence to the accusation, it is murder.

    I trust this is a sufficient explanation?

    Dame Rowan

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Dame Rowan,

    I can appreciate the stance of the kingdom. There are many times, in the East, where the will of the heavens and the will of the rulers are one in the same. The emperor is often trusted as a representative for the celestials. Here, the churches are honored but separate entirely from the kingdom. I will respect the laws of the land, and should an enemy of the Judges of the Dead be called for execution, I will endeavor to provide all evidence of their crimes before the strike of the blade. As we are servants of death in all of it's forms, I also wish to extend the services of our own should the Kingdom or Militia have need. Just as you assist the will of Jegal when you aid or allow us to hunt down necromancers and the like, Kelemvor would likely wish us assist in bringing judgment to those who have escaped justice and have been marked for death. I know of one, in particular, who is rumored to have escaped the noose that I too wish to face myself.

    御剣 剣八
    (Kenpachi Mitsarugi)

  • Kenpachi,

    Find these necromancers, and seek me out. I will accompany you and lend an air of legitimacy to your planned executions. I detest necromancers and their ilk, and would see them cleansed from the lands.

    However, any items they carry that they would use to ply their trade will be taken as contraband if it is deemed illegal.

    Private Thar