The Loot Squirrel

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    The Loot Squirrel

    Welcome to the Loot Squirrel. This is a banner detailing the services that I, Iruna Etelero, offer to an adventuring group.

    Free Services:
    In-Combat Healing as necessitated (supply of healing not guaranteed)
    Out of combat Kit Application (supply of kits not guaranteed)
    Sorting through spoils
    A terrible sense of humor

    Premium Services:
    Wand use per cast as detailed (not all wands may be available at all times):
    Protection from Evil - 30g
    Mage Armor - 30g
    Cat's Grace - 60g
    Bull's Strength - 60g
    Lesser Restoration - 60g
    Protection from Elements - 80g
    Barkskin - 110g
    If the wand is supplied by the client, I can cast it for free. I can use any wands, through my bardic skill.

    Arcane Wands for Sale:
    Mage Armor - 500g
    Protection from Evil - 500g
    Protection from Good - 500g
    Identify - 1500g
    Cure Moderate Wounds - 500g
    Cat's Grace - 1500g
    Invisibility - 1500g
    Ghostly Visage - 1500g
    Cure Serious Wounds - 1000g
    Haste - 4000g

  • The posters are refreshed. Seems the Cure Serious wands are now available.