Pathfinder Daxx

  • @TheMinionOfArabel


    We've had a chance to speak a time or two now, you seem a decent bloke; could you make time to speak with me on some matters? Somewhere quiet and out the way, don't worry nothing too bad (yet), your barracks would be fine if there's any concern about my intent. Just away from the Itchy crowds.

    All the best to you and yours,

    Olman Jennson,
    World Serpent Inn.

  • Mister Jennson,

    I will find you as soon as possible. I've a long patrol today, so I am uncertain when I will be available. Anywhere you feel comfortable speaking will do. You seem a decent man as well.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • a missive, hastily penned in a shaky hand


    That mask you had Temere looking into, we may know something more. Temere's paid a high price. Find me, you need to be told and maybe we need the War Wizards archives.


  • Olman,

    The mask was passed to Temere to figure out what it was because the war wizards do not have the time to investigate it. It would have ended up in their vault until one of them had time to study it. We know little on it besides the fact the museum collector wanted it and I've not an ounce of trust for that man.

    I will find you or Temere as soon as possible. If you cannot find me soon, report to Blade James Olwayn. I'll let him know to find either one of you.

    Water's Bless,

    Pathfinder Daxx

  • A considerably more composed note arrives


    Please ask the War Wizards what they know of the Demon Tsuggtmoy, Lady of Fungus and if they know who her "Dark Lord" is. That information could save us valuable time.

    I must stress; No one should say that name, under any circumstances, around Temere or the Mask. He's suffered enough. The Gods have shown pity on him and he doesn't seem to remember the name. Let's try preserve what little bliss that ignorance affords him.

    I'll look for you or the Blade.

    May Tyche stack the deck in our favour,


    P.s One small favour, see if there's a spare longsword or other one handed blade kicking about your barracks, Temere will struggle to wield his greatsword with only one arm.

  • A final note arrives marked 'Proper Urgent'


    Burn the last one. Don't write or speak the name aloud. Apparently written is as bad as spoken. Who knew! Well, except for an Archmage.


  • Olman,

    My thanks for the warning. I should have a tressym longsword lying around gathering dust. I kept it for exploration of the Hullack Vault. I can teach you or Temere how to access the vault. You might find something of interest there.

    Should Temere prefer a scimitar or club, that can be crafted.

    That you went to the Archmage for information is the best solution. She will know better than anyone.

    May the Lord's Wisdom find you.

    -- Daxx

  • A small note is sent after a time


    I've dug the archive and there is few mention of that demon. Mostly musing of a War Wizard Apprentice. There is however mention of a shrine to her in the underdark, located in the estuary, and also scribbles mentioning her can be found in the putrid cistern. Wary should you venture below.

    Also, the apprentice wondered if the Myconids might know anything about the demon, as they are, technically, fungus people.

    Other information I found on the thing came from the Scriptorium. I do not know if this was ever confirmed but they believed that the demon may have a link with the succubi queen. There used to be an active cult in the Gardens of Sin, in the Netherese Ruins. A statue of the succubus can be found there. Also, the cult may have been linked to those spores that appeared in the ruins and elsewhere in the land.

    Stay safe.

    -- Daxx

  • Daxx,

    You're a gem. We'll get on those leads like a Sembian on a coin.