Open letter to the militia and Pathfinder Daxx

  • The pogrom initiated by members of Arabel city watch and the Cormyrian military to those who sought to bring the young to a safe haven is disgraceful.

    While there are those that seek to nurture life, in all its forms, it is quite ridiculous that the city watch was mobilised to kill young orcan babies that were being brought through the portal. Those children will not last a month or two, as more and more pour through the gates of the World Serpent Inn to slaughter their tribes.

    I am no defender of the orcan pantheon or of the crimes that many orcs have committed in the name of their religion, but I was brought up to believe all life is sacred. That all should be given a chance to succeed.

    Pathfinder Daxx, while I respect you and appreciate your service to this realm, I must question whether your heart is truly in the right place. It is a sad day for humanity when the cries of a baby can be considered such a threat, and are hunted like rats under the auspices of a courthouse to Tyr.

    Raryldur Cys'varian
    Defender of Life, and Common Decency

  • Raryldur,

    I hadnt heard that Orcan babies had been slaughtered by my fellow militiamen, It truly saddens me...

    That I couldnt be there to help them.

    I will find out the names of those involved and see they are bought a beer immediately.

    Private Thar

  • A poem is sent to Private Thar.

    The Arabellians they say,
    Have a duty to pay,
    And not to betray.
    Recounting the Bloodwar,
    In schools they adore,
    So they can fight evermore.
    Alas they say it is true,
    Duties they can live up to,
    In the name of Torm they construe.
    Child killers to a man,
    Killing their infant bogeyman.

  • Admin [DM]

    While I am not going to condone the murder of infants...

    Was the act a mercy compared to letting it starve in the wilds, to be food for wolves, or a malevolent act done with the intention to take pleasure in death?

    Captain Sergei

  • Raryldur,

    I told you to leave them be. But you did not listen. Had you had a shred of common sense, and the true skills of a scout, you would have noticed that we killed many orcs that day yes, but not a single female. Their mothers would have taken care of them. And if you had left when I told you to, the male that came out the tent would not be dead.

    You have only yourself to blame for their death.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • This is outrageous.

    A private who is more than willing to kill the babies in a drunken stuper, a captain who has no idea what the hell his drunken footsoldiers are doing, and now I am to blame for the death of these babies, because we can all assume there was a load of females nearby to raise them.

    Raise them presumably in Gruumshian doctrines, and not a life I would offer. A life of freedom where I could of allowed the young to realise their full potential.

    You are a fair man Pathfinder Daxx, but on this matter you are dead wrong. Give me the young of any of these species you detest, and I shall give you a creature that will be a paragon, and certainly excel at any task when he is compared to the bigots and incompetents on display here.


  • Admin [DM]

    You may open the orc orphanage you clearly desire.

    Let me know when they are adults so I can burn it down.

    Lieutenant Tallstag

  • Lieutenant Tallstag,

    This is wonderful news.

    Having official permission from the City watch, to open Arabel's first orphanage for orcans displaced by war, is a major boon to my efforts and a great day for Arabel.