Favorite IRC / Discord quotes!

  • {EDIT: Renamed for better purposes. This Topic is Necromanced for the use of IRC posting. If you have a quote you think represents some of the zany things that are discussed, post away.}

    I was bored, these were funny, here's what Jestyr sees on IRC:

    Well, can I be your human pet?
    hmm, maybe.
    we'll have to work it out IG
    Ok. Dont notice I'm a necromancer.

    And what's with all this anal sex!? GROSS! THAT IS WHERE POO POO FALLS OUT! HELLO!?

    These are just a few things. I may add more should they appeal. I suppose you can post your favorite IRC exchanges too.

  • @IRC:

    • Conan is a horrible horrible metagamer!!!!
      *** Conan is now known as MetagamingHobo
      hobo's live on trains
      and benches
      much like Metagamers
      and in boxes
      if they can afford them
      or steal them
      like shopping carts
      from other hobos?
      fun for racing too
      no no..
      from grocery stores
      you respect the other hobos
      honor among thieves
      well, I'd steal from the other hobo's
      so I wouldn't be a hobo too long
      yeah..you'd be dead
      cause they'd shank you while you slept

    one of my more favorite "Exchanges" in IRC, it's from the day I finally fixed my computer enough to be able to sign onto IRC, but before I found my HotU CD-Key.

  • ~Warning: Strong language used in this segment. Small children please turn away!~

    This segment took place last night. I took the liberty of cutting out all the conversation that was off topic, and bringing you this wonderful masterpiece I like to call:

    The Non-Virgin Moloch

    I think parts of me may still be virginal.
    your shin?
    your elbow?
    Like my left ear lobe, I'm sure that hasn't ever penetrated anything.
    Shin no, elbow no.
    just your left lobe?
    poor right lobe..
    That's probably it, just the ear lobe.
    i bet it feels so abused
    what about your eye lid?
    Nah, my eyes have seen some awful shit.
    if you still define it as awful, you've not seen enough.
    Mol ..
    are you trying to tell me you don't have a virgin ass?
    Do you really want to know Combs?
    everything once, Combs
    at least once
    sorry.. but butt sex just isn't that great
    Hell Combs, until you've had a chick stimulate your prostate-don't knock nothing.
    at least I won't have a dick stimulateing my asstrate 😛

  • @John:

    The Non-Virgin Moloch

    This thread delivers

    but moloch speaks the truth. Only men of exquisite passion know the truth.

  • Azzmodan to the rescue.

    [15:53] The [HoD] corpse room is packed! Takes me nearly 10 seconds for pathfinding to kick in if I don't use WADS.
    [16:07] Get a trashcan

  • I dug this from the grave for people to post their favorite exchanges found on IRC. We all know some wacky things happen there, so post away…

    Here we find Arabel's Newest DM flexing his new found powers:

    You metagam0rz Nub! How could you have seen her face with the helmet on!!!
    I right click you


    Then click on examine
    Then character sheet
    Then it shows me all your stats

    • Jestyr mutters something about damn Metagaming DMs
      I feel violated 😑
      What color panties she wears
    • blah^3|HW likes it when Div is examining him


    How can I take advantage of you if you won't let me?!
    PM blah
    whenever you get it
    You don't take advantage of me 😆
    I take advantage of you!

    Yes sir...

    • Jestyr bends over

  • Pooka and Mornington set off to prove they're two different people …

    Need to play with you more anyway, cuz like, I'm supposed to be you and all
    That was really -so- funny … for a solid week or so, everyone assumed I was you in disguise
    I didn't.
    Thanks to Cross 🙂
    Yeah, Cross started that mess. Lucky jumped in on it too.

    • Wolf_Mack is now known as Wolf_Pack
      Dammit, there are differences!
      Well, yes, I have much larger breasts
      Two higher up, one lower down
    • Mornington snickers
      Even the same jokes
    • RealityDevoid slaps Wolf_Pack around a bit with a large dead Musachi!
    • RealityDevoid sends Pooka into a howling fit with a missing Howland!
    • Mornington just laughs
      No, yer supposed to smack me with a nice living tasty Musachi, you heathen
      Was it that type of thing?
      Yeah, that helped a lot
      Hahah ... so not my fault.
      I can't help it if the other version of me there is curvier
      Curves, check. Definitely got some landscaping issues.
      Mm. Nooks and corners.
      Round where it counts and such.
    • Wolf_Pack goes Howland hunting with a scythe
      But don't try to count where it's round
      Well, only if you're on a mission of exploration.
    • Dreek sneaks around
    • Black_Rose puts bells on Wolf_Pack
      Mission of exploration.. man, that is a really sucky pick up line, it never works.
      Ehm, so I've been told.
      And ALWAYS check before going beyond what you thought was the final frontier
      Oh, absolutely. You never know when you reach a point of no return
    • PepeLePew is taking notes.
      The problem is one of endurance and supplies. Conserving the latter so you can reach your goal
      A proper diet always helps ... stop for a snack, stay a while.
      But it's important not to fill your stomach. It just leads to cramps and slows you up
      Everything in moderation. Unless it's really, really good.
      And then screw moderation, anything goes. OFten repeatedly
      ... at least twice. More if endurance allows.
      Stamina is key.
    • Black_Rose checks the innuendo detector
      Conserve your breath. Share oxygen if need be. Communication is key in any difficult endevour
      And toss aside the map, don't be afraid to set out in new directions, and always trust your guide.
      Don't be afraid to retrace old, familiar steps. However, if a new path looks exciting, always take a chance
      Work up to the big leaps, don't cross a great chasm on the opening try without some stretching beforehand.
      Laying the groundwork is important. Assess the terrain, make a few tentative explorations and fall back before going for the best route
      Additonal tools for the job can be handy, but aren't necessary to ensure your exploration is enjoyable for everyone.
      lol Mornington thats hilarious
      And always remember your safety equipment.

  • I really never see anything funny on IRC. Well, okay, I saw, live and in person, the Virginal Moloch discussion. It was enlightening.

    Otherwise, IRC is pretty serious stuff.

  • Combs… for the Moloch discussion... you win an Internet.

  • Thank you, thank you. bows

    [Tickles his own asstrate.]

  • Hey HEY! The Virginal Moloch discussion seems an aweful lot like the one in my quote! Which is either sparked it all or is derived from it, either way I had a lot of fun during that conversation.

    edit: psellgn nad garmmar

  • They were entirely seperate, one was Moloch talking about how he's had a lot of sex, in very exotic locations, the other was referring to vimes as a venerial disease.

    For those playing the home game, here's the log:


    [17:09] * vimes|OldSpiced starts to sacrifice virginal maidens to the dm's
    [17:09] runs from vime
    [17:09] Fuckin' hell Yurihorie you still goin on with shit
    [17:09] * Wyvern sacrifices a virginal vimes to RS7
    [17:09] I don't want virginal vimes, thanks
    [17:09] heh you just pissed off our gods wyvern
    [17:09] that sounds like an STD
    [17:09] Hehe
    [17:09] * Wyvern tosses a dead vimes over the cliff
    [17:09] *** Signoff: Nickoteen (Exit: )
    [17:09] lol
    [17:09] Eugh
    [17:09] hehe
    [17:10] ewww i have VV
    [17:10] i already killed you wyvern
    [17:10] you can't kill me back
    [17:10] "What the hell is that?!?!?" "Oh.. that's just some Virginal Vimes… but I'm taking medication!"

  • Ky'ran: "FOR TROM!" Decapitates child

  • We had a great discussion about Evil McGee and what he would be like in game, I got the ball rolling and everyone jumped aboard:


    [20:25] Make Evil McGee an old guy and go around like "Back in my day we didn't have enchanted daggers, we had to use a piece of wood to stab people in the back"


    [20:27] "We didn't have those fancy Phantasmal Killers in those days, oh no. We had to sneak up behind them and yell 'boo!'"

    [20:28] "There was no such thing as the weave! We had to use a lantern! a lantern and colored tissue paper! and then smack em with a rock!"

    [20:29] "We didn't even have summoning circles, we had to use summoning squares, of course back then we called it "jigging" and demons were called "Jimmy" so we'd be "jigging for jimmies"

    [20:30] "We'd say 'There's old bob, jigging for jimmies again"

    I laughed for a good couple of minutes out loud at Gturtle's


  • Where "Evil Mcgee" came from

    [19:22:58] [Dond|IG] Guess what my new evil char is called?
    [19:23:02] [Dond|IG] Drask BloodVein
    [19:23:04] [RWG] "Evil Mcgee?"
    [19:23:12] [RWG] no one ever picks Evil Mcgee

    A bit more of "Evil Mcgee" quotes:


    [19:27:07] [RWG] XD
    [19:27:13] • Nick: (RWG) is now known as (EvilMcgee)

    [19:27:36] [Sabaron] "We didn't have those fancy Phantasmal Killers in those days, oh no. We had to sneak up behind them and yell 'boo!'"

    [19:28:27] [Yurihorie] we didn't have magic missle we had too toss pebbles

    [19:28:39] [@Mol_Dinner] Pebbles at the darkness cause we didn't have light back then.

    Of course, later we got a bit off track, but still funny

    [19:31:20] [EvilMcgee] "There was no such thing as PH@T L3WT! Of course this was back in the days of morse code, so it was called - . – .. -.-!"

    [19:31:50] [EvilMcgee] "Hey, Dms! Gimme - . – .. -.-!"

    [19:32:04] [Motoko] "Hah! You know what l33t 5p34k was? This! 1010011101010111010101001111101011101010101"

  • I need a fancy short letter name too. There's OO, FDM, OMG, GT…
    JY, I hear that FDM is out, OO is on a plane, OMG is working two jobs, GT has no life and just hangs in here, and CC hates IRC and is sleeping right now anyway.
    Thanks MM

    Just some random spastic talking in the Thayan room. MM as witty as always, =D.

  • Re-Necromanced because people do not believe in the 'Search' button.

  • Went something like this..

    Whats the spell checker button in word?
    Alt F4
    Dond exits IRC
    Dond joins IRC
    Dude, that isn't funny.

  • What is spell check for Microsoft Word?
    What is the key?
    just click it..?
    alt f4
    *** Dond|WorkingOnNewBio has quit (Exit: Leaving)
    Whats funny?
    What is the key?
    just click it..?
    alt f4

    • Dond|WorkingOnNewBio has quit IRC (Exit: Leaving)
      That is funny.
      (blah blah blah blah, then…)
      *** Dond has joined #coa
      Alt f4 was not it

  • Dond has been the butt of Alt-F4 Jokes for forever…

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