*A letter to Temere*

  • @cadiz_stoker

    I have an item, a mask, you requested for study and a task from the Agents of the Crown to research the artefact's origins and purpose. I have been trying to find you recently without success.

    Should the item prove to be dangerous for the Crown and its People, you are also task to find the appropriate way to neutralize or purify it.

    Let me know when you will be available.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Pathfinder Daxx,

    Oh I shall be wandering the regions I am sure.
    if we are lucky we ought to bump into one another!

    the mask is certainly of netherese origin and has a tone of death about it, research ought to allow me to figure out what manner of death. I would of course be most grateful for any assistance and even maybe observation whilst I do said research.

    If you can bring it to me as soon as you can then I can get started on the examination as soon as possible. I have been examining the netherese ruins that I have found recently in the hope that I gain some insight into their language and magics such that I can decipher the mask and its properties. Obviously gaining a working knowledge of the netherese language would be a most wonderful benefit too if that were to come to pass, I shall have to make myself some luck to that regard.

    With anticipation,