Animal Size Changes?

  • Who: Aenima
    What: Noticed several animal sizes which seem incorrect, as compared to their previous versions before EE was implemented. More specifically: Bears (Grizzly and CMB) are now Medium sized (used to be large); Frost Lizard is now medium (used to be tiny). I have not yet encountered any other discrepancies, but will keep a running list.
    Where: Wilderness area where these creatures spawn, of course.
    When: As of the time of this post.
    Why: For a ranger these changes in size lead to incorrect reading of tracks which can, of course, force someone into a bad situation (i.e. "I see a group of medium size animal tracks, maybe they are wolves - we should be ok to go that way". Three CMB's later TPK).

    Solution: Change creature to their correct size.


  • Admin [DM]

    I believe this may have to do with that we have new sizes on monsters, thus the scaling has changed. But not 100% sure

  • I can confirm that CMBs now track as medium sized. The model looks fine though, its quite a large bear (found one yesterday and it was bigger than a grizzly). Its the tracking that does not seem to identify properly on the size. We can track them with the name showing if you have enough levels and skills but not always.

  • Admin [DM]

    Their appearances are set properly. not sure why they're tracking incorrectly.

  • is it possible tracking no longer takes in account the appearance size change and is only using the base appearance? (or vice versa)