• Beilla,

    I think your new career path is interesting, and I am sure your tests for your new employers will be more to your taste. Considering the time it took to parlay with your old employers, and the amount of work I put in to help you achieve your previous ambitions, my contact with you has been thoroughly unprofitable from my end.

    Unless you actually have something, and not vague promises of greatness, it is my most sincere hope that we do not interact with one another for the forseeable future.


  • To the deluded Raryldur,

    I do not serve this dark patron nonsense. I'm just no longer deluded myself by images of grandeur. If one life is to be taken to save many, would you also not make that call?

    As for the access to the feywilds, such is quite simple. I can still open such, and have already opened a portal to there in the King's Forest, where the fairyring is.

    If you wish, you could use that to draw your essence from, or seek me to open another portal.

    Do not expect me to be kind, however, after you stabbed me in the back.

    Beilla Cifewy

  • Beilla,

    As far as I am aware, you have created an exit portal as I tried to enter the portal you created.

    But, please, let's get one thing straight, your patron is not my concern, frankly worship Jubilex for all I care. Live and let live, as I like to say. However, if you tell me to expend my energies and resources to appease the good lord Jubilex, I don't want to be told after meeting the Lord of Slime, after he decided not to consume me into a congealed mass of ooze like substances, that you actually hate slimes and Jubilex can sod off.

    Since so many dark elves seem to enjoy it, I am sure there is some kind of very base enjoyment to be had running around the Fey Wild capturing its denizens and then consuming their essence. However, I am not yet nearly angry or insane enough to go on hunting parties to the Fey Wilds to bottle Fey like some half-wit drow of a glorified drinking club that calls himself a "bannerman" from a "House".

    If you actually have something - anything - in your hand that may be of interest to me, or my colleagues, you are more than welcome to discuss the matter. Otherwise, I humbly ask not to be tricked into annoying an entire court of gods and entitites that could turn me into a frog tomorrow if they so wished.