A letter left for Ibrahim Cihan

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    // @HellzYeah

    My Dearest Ibrahim

    Long have I seen you suffer in your cold metal form, unable to feel Lathander's warmth upon your skin, nor a cool breeze against your face. You hide it, but I have felt the pain in the voice that has comforted me so many times as surely as if it came from my own heart. And have wept many a night that I could do so little for one who has done so much for me.

    But I write to you because that may finally have changed. I cannot return you to flesh and blood, but perhaps I can give you a life that you shall can be contented with. What I suggest is dangerous, and would almost certainly be the destruction of a lesser man, but in all my years I have known but one man greater than you.

    I ask that you meet with me, to hear what I propose. I pray that it may help you find the peace you have earned a thousand times over.

    Lathander's light watch over you.


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