Faction: House of the Dead

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    House of the Dead

    A member of the House of the Dead facing of a horde of undead

    The House of the Dead, also known as the Morgue, has long served Arabel through its various incarnations. The members of the House are responsible for conducting the rites of death, interring cadavers as well as taking care of other services, such as enactment of a will or speaking for the dead post-mortem. In addition, the adventuring members of the House oppose free-roaming undead, and may investigate tombs or crypts to ensure that all may rest.

    Membership in the House of the Dead is player-recruited. If no existing players are serving the House of the Dead, you may approach a DM to receive your keys.

    Races: Any
    Alignments: Lawful preferred
    Deities: Kelemvor, Jergal, Myrkul and other death oriented gods are the most common
    Classes: Any

    Granted to all members

    • Exclusive stores
    • Faction Forum
    • Free resting
    • Storage

    Note that these are not faction-given roles, merely ideas for players who wish for guidance. Below is a list of suggestive roles, players are free to come up with their own ideas.

    Crusader: Guided by Edward Grant, a retired paladin of Kelemvor. These warriors specialize in combating undead and undeath, of which there is no shortage of in the town where Clar Banda apotheosized.

    Corpse Retrieval: Many adventurers die in perilous locations, with their party escaping only by leaving their body behind. These men and women can be hired to fetch the corpse of a fallen comrade. Slinking through the darkest halls, they can extract a corpse to have it given a proper rest.

    Diener: These members perform the rites of the dead, including preparing a body for interment, as well as seeing to any requests of the dead issued before their last breath. The Militia may request a diener to investigate a crime scene and determine the cause of death.

    Scholar of Undeath: These wizards or priests may study the active powers behind undeath in order to develop new tools to combat it. The holy bomb, while effective against a single foe, is not effective for fighting the legions of undead that necromancers tend to summon.