Special Position: Foreign Agents

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    Foreign Agents

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    An agent of Calimshan treading carefully in the night.

    As more and more felt the calling to the World Serpent Inn, nations far and wide began sending spies and investigators in search of answers. These agents come from a vast array of backgrounds, some open with their status whilst others hide their true purpose from the Agents of Cormyr.

    This is currently not a DM faction. These Positions do not Guarantee DM support, Players are expected to construct their own narratives to further the goals of the nation.

    Races: Any
    Alignment: Any

    The player must be prepared to push their goals independently, letters home or requests for back up must be kept to the minimum and cannot be expected.

    How to Join:
    Can either be earned in game or applied for before creation.



    Like the Scouts of Cormyr, Scouts are information gatherers, the eyes and ears of their nation or ethnicity. They plant the seeds in the interest of their master, steering those around them towards directions of their interest and desires. Many have experienced the infamous calling themselves, thus chosen by powers unknown to tackle this momentous task placed upon their shoulders.

    • All Scouts are granted powerful magical equipment.


    Acting as diplomats for their master, they are the voice whom weaves the threads gathered by their informants to shape the future. Official diplomats are respected by their allies, granted legal pleasantries and respect. Those whom dwell in the shadows are feared for their formidable power and control over the network around them, a true threat to any nation or Agent whom dare cross their path.

    • A Emissary is granted more powerful magical equipment.
      • An allied/neutral Emissary is considered to have diplomatic status, and has the legal benefits of a foreign diplomat.
      • A secret/enemy Emissary is granted a hidden dwelling to conduct their business, with free resting and storage.

    Royal Envoy:

    Holding titles of Nobility, or respect of equal value, an Envoy announcing their presence in your lands is to be considered a great honour bestowed by their masters, while rumours of one hidden in the shadows is the cause of paranoia and dread. These individuals act directly on behalf of their foreign masters, and answer to them alone. Whether their intentions are Benign or Ill, their every action carries the weight of a nation behind it.

    • A Royal Envoy is granted more powerful magical equipment.
      • An allied/neutral Royal Envoy is of noble rank, and has the legal benefits of a foreign noble.
      • A secret/enemy Royal Envoy is granted a special merchant within their hidden dwelling.

    Diplomatic Statuses

    The Perks of Diplomat status are variable, depending on where the Diplomat is from and where they are going. A Diplomat of Mulharond would find himself considered a neutral party if visiting the Moonshaes, but his nationality and position would become a closely guarded secret should be venture into Thay. The status of an Agent can be subject to change by environmental changes in the nation they are located within.

    Allied/Neutral: Agents of allied or neutral nations may earn legal protection and respect within the nation of their presence.
    Secret/Enemy: Agents under cover or of enemy states cannot gain legal protection, if discovered they are likely to be executed or exiled. However, due to the risk taken during their task, they are granted more powerful perks from their masters.