Special Position: Agents of the Crown

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    Agents of the Crown

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    A new frontier for the soldiers of Cormyr

    With the end of the Dark War and the return of peace to the land of Cormyr, many volunteers in the purple dragon army have found themselves transferred to a new branch of the Kings army more suited to these calmer times. These men and women are sent out to act as Cormyr's eyes and mouths in new and forgotten lands, spreading the word and will of the king with them. They are the Agents of the Crown, and their work is not yet done.

    This is currently not a DM faction. These Positions do not Guarantee DM support, Players are expected to construct their own narratives to further the goals of Cormyr.

    Races: Human or Half elf, all others on a case by case basis.
    Alignment: LG, NG, LN, TN. All other alignments on a case by case basis.

    Battlemages must be able to wield martial weapons
    Road Captains must be able to wear full plate and wield martial weapons
    Royal Scouts must be able to wear light armor and wield martial weapons, as well as having some capability in stealth

    With Several branches of Cormyr's military being brought together in this new diplomatic branch, multiple ranks within those branches are granted the same equivalent within the Agents.

    How to Join:
    Agents of the Crown are all Volunteers, with the Basic rank of agent essentially only requiring that an existing Scout or Higher recognise you as such. Players may apply to start with the rank of Scout, all other ranks are Earn in Game.


    Rank held by: Blade

    Agents are recognised by Cormyr as representatives and little more. They hold authority only over Cormyrian Civilians, but may be called on to act in the interests of the crown in small matters. Officially, they are free agents working on Cormyr's behalf and therefore can be disavowed should their actions prove harmful.

    • An Agent is given access to the Purple Dragon Castle, Providing free resting and storage.
    • An Agent is granted magical equipment pertaining to their chosen field.

    Rank held by: Road Captain / Royal Scout / Battlemage

    The Scouts are the official hands and eyes of Cormyr in strange and distant lands. Holding Authority over the Agents, their duties are to document and report happenings in whatever land they are stationed in, and keep tabs on Persons or locations of interest. The scouts are officially recognised by Cormyr and therefore are under greater scrutiny.

    • A Scout is granted more powerful magical equipment pertaining to their chosen field.
    • A Scout has the authority to give orders to Agents.
    • A Scout has the authority to assign an Agent.
    • A Scout retains all other benefits of the lesser ranks.

    Rank held by: Lionar / Pathfinder / War Wizard Apprentice

    Where the Scouts are Cormyr's hands and eyes, the Emissaries are the voices. Ranking veterans trusted to speak on behalf of the Purple Dragons, it is their duty to contact and negotiate with leaders and other figures of importance in the lands they are stationed in. They organise the information gathered by the scouts and decide how it is best put to use, and can give orders to any of lower rank than themselves.

    • A Emissary is granted more powerful magical equipment pertaining to their chosen field.
    • A Emissary is granted a personal room and storage in the Purple Dragon Castle.
    • A Emissary is considered to have diplomatic status, and has the legal benefits of a diplomat.
    • A Emissary has the authority to give orders to Scouts.
    • A Emissary retains all other benefits of the lesser ranks.

    Royal Envoy:
    Rank held by: Purple Dragon Knight / Scout Commander / War Wizard

    • A Royal Envoy is granted more powerful magical equipment pertaining to their chosen field.
    • A Royal Envoy is of noble rank, and has the legal benefits of a noble.
    • A Royal Envoy has the authority to give orders to Emissaries.
    • A Royal Envoy retains all other benefits of the lesser ranks.

    Generally nobility or of equal respect, these individuals are granted the authority to speak directly for the Crown. Recognised as the Kings right hand diplomats, their presence in person is considered a great honour to the land they are stationed in. Their word is effectively law to citizens of Cormyr, and they hold the authority to enforce it. Generally working via the Emissaries, they hold effective control of Cormyr's foreign relations.

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    The War Wizards of Cormyr

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    The true power behind the throne and all of Cormyr, The War Wizards answer solely to the Chairman Emperius, also called the Royal Mage of Cormyr (currently Ganrahast Aeiulvana) and the King (though some say this is purely nominal). Their authority in Cormyr is nearly unchecked, outranking almost everyone. While technically answerable to the Wardens of the four marches of Cormyr as part of the military, in practice such control is rarely exercised, for the smart noble knows that his very station is in jeopardy if the War Wizards are alienated.

    Their purpose is singular; To protect the interests of the Crown and Cormyr at all costs. No secret is too small, no wound too fresh, no deed too innocent to slip under the gaze of the War Wizards. But above all else they remain a collective trained explicitly in the art of war. The field of battle is where their names have been etched in the memories of every nation that dared to raise a hand against Cormyr.

    Their ranks are supplemented with the Battlemages of Cormyr, who are students in the College of War Wizards and apprenticed to ranking War Wizards. Battlemages serve in the Military in times of war as part of the arcane divisions, but otherwise focus on their training in magic, espionage, counterintelligence and national security.

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    The Purple Dragons of Cormyr

    Two positions in the Purple Dragon army are available; Road Captains and Royal Scouts.

    Road Captains are officers in the Purple Dragon army, the equivalent of Swordcaptains when the need arises for them to take command of units; But they typically act independently, being entrusted with special missions by the Crown.

    The Royal Scouts of Cormyr are an elite order of Purple Dragon Scouts in service to the Crown. They are most famous for their work roaming alone or in small adventuring parties disrupting the operations of Cormyr's enemies. They are usually deployed individually or in small groups to serve as messengers and spies.

    These ranks are not part of the regular military command structure, and answer only to the ranking garrison officer of the region or the Lord of the North, who heads the chain of command for all military forces in the region. However, orders from the General Officers of the Purple Dragons or the War Wizards supersede any orders from even the Warden of the North.

    Exemplary service as a Road Captain or a Royal Scout typically results in an invitation to join the Knightly Order of the Purple Dragon, or even a Lordship.

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    The Crown Forces

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    Little can be said to symbolize Cormyr better than the men and women of the Purple Dragon Army. Consisting entirely of volunteers, the professional army has for almost 1000 years been part of the Cormyrean society. Highly respected in most of Cormyr, the loyal soldiers wearing adorned in Purple swear fealty solely to the Royal family, and are largely viewed, alongside the War Wizards, to be the main reason behind the relative peace The Forest Kingdom has always known. The Army of the Purple Dragons are tasked with ensuring the Forest Kingdom remains safe and united during times of conflict and war, battling everything from foreign armies, orcan war bands, or rebellious nobles. Whatever enemy they face, they are famous throughout Faerun for their valor, bravery, and fierce loyalty to the Royal family. In Arabel, the army is stationed at Castle Eveningstar, under the command of Lord Commander Crimmon Paertrover.