Special Position: Red Wizard of Thay

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    Red Wizard of Thay

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    Thay has had a long and seedy history in Cormyr. The latest incarnation of the Embassy was made possible by Malcolm Hardcastle, who used his considerable influence in allowing an enclave to be set up in Arabel. In return for this, Thay has supplied many favors to the city, including funds, trade agreements and manpower, which were instrumental in the North's recovery after the cataclysm. With Hardcastle's time now passed, the magocratic nation seeks new ways to anchor it's hold on arabel, and opportunities for knowledge and power and new and unfamiliar lands.

    Membership within the Red Wizards of Thay may be applied for on-creation or earned in game, although Earning it through play is far more difficult.

    This is currently not a DM supported faction, do not expect additional privileges beyond what is listed.

    For Red Wizards: Most Human, some Warforged, all other races on a case by case basis.
    For Knights: Any

    For Red Wizards: Wizard or Sorcerer
    For Knights: Any martial class.

    For Red Wizards: LE/LN/NE
    For Knights: Any, with good alignments on a case by case basis.

    Earning the rank of a Red Wizard of Thay in game is possible by proving yourself a prodigy within your chosen school of magic. You must then be sponsored by a current Red Wizard of the Rank of Senior Magus or Higher. Finally, you must defeat a Red Wizard of the Magus rank in a Magical Duel to claim his position.

    Earning the Rank of Thayan Knight in game is possible by Proving your martial prowess to a Red Wizard who currently does not have a knight and being offered the position. Becoming a Knight will result in your character being put under a geas to prevent them turning on their Magus or on Thay and is not a path that should be taken lightly.

    (All player Red Wizards begin at this Rank)

    • A Magus is granted magical equipment pertaining to their chosen school of Magic.
    • A Magus is allowed one Thayan Knight, who is granted magical equipment appropriate to their class.
    • A Magus is given access to the Thayan Embassy, Providing free resting and storage.
    • A Magus is Considered a Diplomat under Cormyrian Law, with all relevant right and privileges.

    Senior Magus:
    (This rank must be earned in game by providing the embassy with something of great commercial or Magical value, and then defeating a Senior Magus in a Duel.)

    • A Senior Magus is granted more powerful magical equipment to reflect their higher status
    • A Senior Magus is allowed a second Thayan Knight.
    • A Senior Magus has the Authority to give orders to Red Wizards of lower Rank.
    • A Senior Magus retains all other benefits of the rank of Magus.

    Thayan Knight:
    (You cannot become a Thayan Knight without a Red Wizard to serve)

    • A Thayan Knight is Granted magical equipment suited to his class, along with an enchanted weapon of their choice.
    • A Thayan Knight may represent their Magus in the Magus' stead should they be called to do so.
    • A Thayan Knight gains no special protections or privileges under the law of Cormyr.