On Wings of Fate - Marcella Cavallaro

  • Vow of Honour
    The Will of Hoar is enacted in this world by Chance, by Assassin and by Prince,
    But theirs is a temporary blessing, a momentary command of Divine Rightousness.
    Yours is not a path of opportunity,
    It is not a path of convenience or of flexibility.

    You must remain in favour of this fleeting boon,
    You must live your very life to its ideals.
    Act with Restraint, for the call of Vengeance is ever sweet and tempting,
    Act with Integrity, for there may come a time when it is all you have left.
    Act with Honour, for without it you shall stand alone against the Darkness.

    Cormyr celebrates a victory once as intangible as its mythical past. The Kingdom revels, the swamps fade and a new Golden Age seems all but certain for a land long impoverished. My own native Sembia, perhaps the next glittering prize for a King proven in War.

    In ashes or glory however, my path would have lead me to Arabel no different - for The Hand of Hoar has been cast. A declaration whose utterance should spell a quick and fitting recompense, whose speech commands no less danger than a sword drawn in earnest - for the guilty, it means Justice has found them. The Hand of Hoar has been cast... and yet echoes in my dreams, a promise unfulfilled, an accusation gagged.

    Somewhere in this land emerging into the dawn, Hoar's Justice has been denied. Only one favoured by the Lord of Three Thunders could have invoked such a thing. I must learn why.

    Just as Thunder follows the Lightning, so too must Doom follow The Hand.

    I have been many long months upon the road. I was meant to return to Saerloon to recite my deeds before the Church - but my mentor, il Dama del Bianca-Torre made me swear before she would instruct me... demanded that I vow never put the Church before Hoar Himself, if that is even what this is. Perhaps this is a mistake, but honour demands that I investigate.

    I shall have to continue my training myself. The City of Arabel has long been a crucible for great minds and fel deeds alike - there is wisdom within its walls.

  • Vow of Virtue
    What greater crime is there, but that of Virtue unrewarded?
    Remember now and always, that Evil ever seeks ways to corrupt Man.
    You must face it not just on the field of battle, but in Heart and Mind.
    Let none who raise a hand against Evil face ignominy for their action, without your voice behind them.
    Let none who have answered the call of Good stand without your sword at their command.

    If the Divine will not answer, you will.

    It is refreshing to be in a city again. The noise, the smells, the life of it all. There is a certain honesty to these Cormyrians. Gold may be important but wealth alone is not so singular a definition of status for them - and those who have it, flaunt it in only limited ways compared to the excesses of Sembia's upper class.

    Though there is little doubt in my mind that this city of Arabel is no less steeped in dark deeds and darker ambitions, for all that, I am chasing after shadows in a strange land. But I am not alone - adventurers tail and hunt in the Lair of the Beast, they seek glory and treasure and perhaps a taste for violence that can only lawfully be fulfilled away from the city streets.

    Something sinister is at work within the maze of the sewers below

    These adventurers probe every nook and every cranny in search of what drives them. I can think of no better way to root out someone trying to hide... though in the back of my mind I still wonder, of the suspicously peaceful return of power to Lord Hawklin, of the enigmatic soul-trading arena-master; I wonder if I am truly searching for a fugitive, and not someone more comfortably seated.

  • Vow of Retribution
    We cannot always stop Evil. It is as clever, as fast and as resourceful as any of us.
    It is a great burden to see its defilements upon the land and wonder how you might have stopped it.

    But from Waterdeep to Kara-Tur, no victory of the Dark Powers has been left uncontested.
    Nor shall you let it be.

    If the Divine will not answer, you will.

    The scene plays out before my mind time and again.
    The forest at night.
    The glow in the distance.
    The focus in her eyes, her voice commanding, justified, rightous.

    And yet in action, it was something far darker controlling her.

    In pursuit of retribution, she went too far.

    But for all that, she was driven by Vengeance. It was cruel and it was evil, but Vengeance it was.
    I know that my intervention was right by my vows made before il Dama, but I cannot say I am so certain it was right by the creed of Hoar.

    But Evil cannot be fought with Evil.
    There is no poetry in its continuation.
    Only the corruption of the rightous, and extinguished promise.