Lord Hawklin

  • Dearest Lord Hawklin, Great Warden of the North

    I have been requested by Overlord Bhaliir to arrange a large feast and celebration to mark the end of Cormyr's victorious endeavours in the desert.

    I shall send an invitation to our steadfast allies, the Dwarves of Thunderholme, and the all noble families making their rightful home in the lands of the north. We shall ask for various champions from the Houses to take part in a jousting tournament, and I have prepared some local mages to demonstrate their arcane prowess to entertain the children. I shall also invite a group of common folk from the city to ensure that all of Arabel are aware of their part they have played in making this all possible. I propose to send some "golden tickets" spread among the population.

    It would do Arabel and the city for you to be the guest of honour. You can address your people and we can all bask in the peace that your House has so selflessly helped secure. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to proclaim your plan for the future, and perhaps your council chambers shall make an appropriate venue. I shall, of course, cover any necessary expenses should House Hawklin require such.

    Together a new future is possible, let's make Arabel great again.


  • Admin [DM]

    Mr Raryldur,

    Lord Hawklin is a very busy man, he do not have the time for a commoner to send him such an appalling letter of insults and petty undermining towards House Hawklin. If Lord Bhaliir seeks support in his feast, then House Hawklin suggest he invest in better spoken diplomats and managers first.

    Steward Dolk of House Hawklin

  • Steward Dolk,

    My most sincere apologies, I unreservedly apologise for my letter, and indeed writing to you.

    I could not possibly disturb any more of Cormyr's nobility, including Lord Bhaliir.

    My thanks for correcting my errant ways, Steward Dolk, your lessons on etiquette are a source of inspiration.


  • Admin [DM]

    [The letters are gathered and forwarded elsewhere, no further reply incoming]