Private Thar: Militia Tower

  • Storyteller [DM]


    Your beast man should be in the cells. I captured a raid leader in the sewer who ambushed myself and the Halfling transmutor. The bat men appear to be the leaders when the rat men attack. I'm willing to bet there is an alpha bat. I left the rat men defeated and alive in the sewer to spread the tale of their defeat so perhaps the alpha will finally seek me out for a duel. I should warn you, the guard at the front of the tower was not happy to see me dragging the bat up in ropes, you might get a nasty letter from him. If I get any messages or further ambushes from the beast men, I will let you know, let me know if the bat talks.


    ///I can send you screenshots when I'm at home. Delivered one greater were-bat to the militia tower overseen by @Skulduggery

  • Seek me out for your reward.

    Private Thar