Letter to AleBeard

  • Dear Alebeard

    As discussed in passing, here is the outline of my plan.

    The Shadovar city has only recently fell from the sky. The Shadovar magical lore is quite advance, and distinctive different from most, therefore any magical items in the ruins are likely to be quite a find for that alone, and I'm sure we can encourage adventures to come just for the "treasure".

    Now were I need the embassy’s help is a more ambitious use for the "treasures". I want to examine and take apart the magics, then learn to replicate them. With this knowledge and the embassy’s resources, we can then sell bulk orders to the Crown and make considerable profit while doing so.

    I'm also concerned of some fool (perhaps bald with a fondness for red) acquiring/releasing something dangerous from some Shadovar wizard dungeon in their stupidity and creating trouble, so I feel its better the Elder Races investigate and ensure that does not come to pass.

    Transmutor Sunnysert

  • Transmutor Sunnysert,

    I am a dwarf, and a subject of the queen, but I am no influencer of the embassy. Best I can do is introduce you. I am but a humble orc hunter.