Transmutor Sunnysert

  • Dear Sunnysert,

    Making posters trying to get the fey's attention will do you no good. They will go quite ignored. What is it you seek? I can most certainly be of help in all matters concerning the fey.

    Beilla Cifewy

  • Dear Cifewy

    Two related things, that might turn out to be the same thing. One, something that be used to key a portol to the Feywild (even if includes work) and, two, something that be used to as catalyst for chaotic in my chaos brew work.

    Transmutor Sunnysert

  • Transmutor,

    I can open a portal to the Feywilds. As for some form of Chaos Essence, you might be able to extract such from a powerful Slaad.